Sports Coaching

Coaching people in sports has been a part of me for many years and the journey has strengthened me in many areas especially in the understanding of people’s behaviors in relations to their involvement in the sports, as athletes, coaches, stakeholders and/or organizers. Being actively involved in the sports industry has also sharpened my skills in organizing major local and international events, and polished my leadership skills in managing both elite & recreational athletes.

I have also learned to appreciate the importance and the application of sports science in all my coaching assignments, above and on top of the technical expertise that comes with the responsibility as a coach.

Making sports a part of our lives creates the essence of a healthy and balanced living, and it opens up possibilities for us to discover traits of ourselves which may not be so evident in a different environment. Moreover, a sporting lifestyle is fun and enjoyable and it provides an avenue for us to relax and chill with friends and family.

My sports coaching services revolve around 3 disciplines for both Youth and Adults, individually and/or groups & organizations:


Competitive swimming (Pool & Open-water)

Fitness Program* (includes efficiency in the execution of different strokes)


Endurance events (Marathons, Long Distance)

Fitness Program* (includes learning how to run properly)


Endurance races (70.3 and Ironman Triathlon)

Entry level participation (Beginners, and Sprint & Olympic distances)

*Coaching sports will involve drawing out a program that will create a balance in all areas of the individual’s life. As for the organization, the program(s) will be customized to align with the company’s healthy lifestyle philosophy and its aspirations to add value to the lives of the people in the organization.

Coaching Model

Each coaching session will take up 1 to 1.5 hours and it is recommended to have it done at least once weekly with the coach but twice preferably. Additional sessions of training will be left to the individual and/or group, with the advice from the coach. Depending on the nature of the race/event and expected outcome, the coaching program will run through no less than 3 months.