Life Coaching

A Life Coach works with his client from within. The coach walks the journey with him in the discovery of his gifts, to notice the beauty of his inner being, and to have a full awareness of his completeness.

My client may have aspirations to scale Mount Everest or to complete an Ironman Triathlon. He may wish to be an effective leader in his organization or to make a positive impact in the business world. He may be seeking a closer relationship with his spouse or a better understanding with his children. Or, he may just want to live life simply and to live it to the fullest.

It is a holistic approach that engages the mind, body and soul of the person.

It is a discovery journey, not in just seeking something outside of our being, but waking up to who we are and our purpose in this life.

As a Life Coach, I am my client’s confidante, his counselor, his sounding board, his advisor, his cheerleader, his friend, his partner. I am also a messenger for the many enlightened beings, coaches and teachers of life, to share with my client lessons that are invaluable for his growth and development.

Everything that I am in my capacity as a Life Coach, I serve as a guide & a catalyst for my client to bring out the best in him and to know his true worth.

Coaching Model

Each coaching session will take up 1 hour/weekly of face-to-face encounter with the coach, but in the case of clients who are overseas, it will be done via the internet communications or the phone. Coaching via emails will only be done under special circumstances, upon request. The coaching program/relationship will be between 3 to 9 months with additional follow-up session once/fortnightly for the next 3 months upon completion of the program/relationship. In special cases, the coaching program/relationship may extend beyond the norm.

Peer Coaching

People learn from one another, and I know my client(s) can also benefit from ‘coaching from his peers’ who are also in similar or related situations in their lives. Some of the coaching sessions will probably include group dynamics of this nature.