About Me

david-tay-preMy interest in people development work started with my journey as a physical education teacher in a junior college. During those years I had the privilege of interacting with dynamic young people who had a fervent thirst for growth in all aspects of their lives. It was through the constant exchange of positive energies with these young people and seeing our lives improved, that I discovered the joys of coaching and helping people be the best they can be in their lives.

Sports and swim coaching gave me a better understanding of the psyche of the individuals and teams, and what makes the human spirit flow and go beyond expectations. Also, as a coach and confidante, I was given permission to step into the private and personal space of these wonderful beings and feel the pulse of their souls.

It was this experience of knowing and feeling the heartbeat of the individual spirit that created the awareness that everything that happened around us comes from within us. And it is the knowing that we are all responsible for the life we create for ourselves that led me to this path of coaching the person from within…

Life coaching allows me to walk alongside the individual, to let our hearts beat in rhythm, to understand the person’s psyche, to feel the soul’s challenges, to discover the gems within…and to awaken to the inner beauty that is complete in itself.

As a Life Coach, I offer my services beyond one-to-one sessions as I feel there are benefits to peer coaching as well which means creating opportunities for individuals to come together to learn from one another and to coach each other. Also, as all of us are engaged in relationships in one way or other, with family, friends and/or colleagues – life coaching opens up possibilities for a better understanding of one another. Great leadership and effective teamwork are key components for a healthy and successful organization – a life coach helps to bring out the essence of that excellence in everyone.

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