Are You Sure?

Thich Nhat Hanh has this wisdom to share with us:

“All of us are only human, and we have wrong perceptions every day. Our spouse or partner is also subject to wrong perceptions, so we must help each other to see more clearly and more deeply. We should not trust our perceptions too much – that is something the Buddha taught. ‘Are you sure of your perceptions?’ he asked us. I urge you to write this phrase down on a card and put it up on the wall of your room: ‘Are you sure of your perceptions?’

There is a river of perceptions in you. You should sit down on the bank of this river and contemplate your perceptions. Most of our perceptions, the Buddha said, are false. Are you sure of your perceptions? This question is addressed to you. It is a bell of mindfulness.”

With this advice and wisdom, I am asking all of us to constantly question our perceptions. Also, too often we don’t ask the right questions to the people who claimed to be authorities of life and religion, and even our society; whether the perceptions they have are right. And sadly, too many of us allowed ourselves to be led in believing certain philosophies or beliefs without questions, and surrendering our powers to these people who claim to have exclusivity to these philosophies or beliefs.

Learning to ask the right questions and questioning these people, are not being disrespectful or being doubtful; I feel that the more we ask and question the perceptions, we pave the way for greater discoveries of Life for ourselves, and open up avenues to choose the life we want.

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