Use energy wisely

Recently I have been feeling restless and it made me wonder what it is that is making me feel this way, and I came across this teaching from Osho, and it taught me the essence of using energy wisely.These are the extracts from his teachings:

“The human being is created by nature for almost eight hours’ hard work. By and by, as civilization has progressed and technology has taken over much of human labour, we don’t have anything that requires hard work, and that has become a problem. In the past, people suffered because they didn’t have enough energy to cope. Now we are suffering from more energy than can be used. That can be restlessness, neurosis, madness. If energy is there and not used rightly it goes sour, becomes bitter. We create energy every day, and it has to be used every day. You cannot accumulate it; you cannot be a miser about it. In the past, people were working hard as hunters and farmers. By and by that kind of work has disappeared, and societies are more affluent and have more and more energy; so restlessness is bound to be there. In the past, the idea of utility had meaning because work was more and energy was less; but now it is no longer a value. So find ways to use your energy – games, running, swimming, cycling – and delight in it. Use the energy, and then you will feel very calm. That calmness will be totally different from a forced stillness. You can force yourself, you can have energy and repress it, but you are sitting on a volcano, and there is constant trembling inside. The more energy you use, the more fresh energy will become available.”

William Blake said: “Energy is delight.” The more energy you have, the more delight you will have.

However, Osho advised that the use of energy should be a mindful practice and not a wasteful activity.

He added: “Despair comes because energy goes on leaking, and people have forgotten how to contain it. In a thousand and one thoughts, worries, desires, imagination, dreams, memories, energy is leaking. And energy is leaking in unnecessary things that can be easily avoided. When there is no need to talk, people go on talking. When there is no need to do anything. they cannot sit silently; they have to ‘do’. People are obsessed with doing, as if doing is a sort of intoxicant; it keeps them drunk. They remain occupied so that they don’t have time to think about the real problems of life. They keep themselves busy so that they don’t bump into themselves. They are afraid – afraid of the abyss that is yawning within. This is how energy goes on leaking, and this is why you never have too much of it. One has to learn to drop the unnecessary. And ninety percent of ordinary life is unnecessary; it can easily be dropped. Be almost telegraphic, keeping just the essential, and you will have so much energy left that one day you will start blooming, for no reason at all.”

When the tree is overflowing with vitality it blooms and flowers. Flowers are a luxury. Like the tree, only when we have too much and we cannot contain it, do they burst forth. And it is this flowering that is the ultimate luxury…it is our spirituality.

When it is time to be still, rest in the beauty of the silence; and when it is time to go forth and spread the energy, use it wisely…

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