A time to be still

“In stillness a flower blooms, in stillness it fades away.”

There is a place in the depth of our being that is protected and saved for ourselves, an inner, sacred space guarded by God’s presence. We can all find that still place. Sometimes we only shout into it when we are broken or wounded and empty, but it is in and through that still point that we can find our way into the beauty that transforms us into strong, loving, wise and beautiful people. (Sister Stan)

Sister Stan shared further by saying:

“Being still is not passive; it is an activity that allows us to live our lives fully. Our everyday lives can often be dulled or overwhelmed by routine and commitments, but if we take time out of the every day to listen without distraction, we become aware of the spirit’s movement within us, and we learn to develop a sense of well-being when we make right decisions. Stopping to listen can help us recognize God within the complexity of our lives. It can also help us when the rhythm of our life shifts and we face new personal, social or spiritual challenges and opportunities. In the stillness of our being, wisdom guides us to embrace those traits that previously were unknown to us, or that previously we weren’t able to face. Meeting ourselves in this way can be disturbing, but once we accept and embrace ourselves, it brings us a peace and a calm we didn’t know before – because we discover that, far from being as bad as we feared, we have a great beauty hidden within us, waiting to be explored.”

“Within this earthen vessel are bowers and groves and within it is the creator.” (Kabir)

Many of us are so caught up with our busy-ness that we think that is the way to live our lives. We have been deluded into thinking that ‘busy is good’ as if that will give us a sense of assurance that we are ‘doing something useful with our lives’. ‘Being still’ has nothing to do with running away from our responsibilities and commitments to daily living but basically, being in touch with ourselves and listening to the still voice within. Too often we are drowning in the long hours at work, the idle chatter that is buzzing around us, and the distractions from the media, that the still small voice is hardly heard or noticed.

Sister Stan added: “Much of modern life is specifically designed to seduce our attention away from our inner place of stillness. The seductions are insatiable. Hundreds of channels of cable and satellite television and radio, iPods, junk mail and email, interactive Internets (& social media), telephones with multiple lines and call waiting, where we can talk to many people at any one time. And on top of that we have billboards, magazines and newspapers. Every stimulus competes for our attention: buy me, do me, watch me, hear me, try me, drink me. If we don’t take time out from this world, it can consume us. We all need to disconnect from the frenzy of activity, consumption and accomplishment and consecrate this time to being fully ourselves where we can breathe deeply in the rhythms of life of the earth and of the spirit.”

Set time each day, about 15-30 minutes – preferably early in the morning, and be still. Don’t strain to listen to the still small voice within – it will come to you but it will not compete with the noise in your head. Just be fully present and be still – you will eventually discover the vastness of the beauty within, and the many insights that will guide you in your journey here on earth.

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